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Land for sale located in the South East of Corfu


The land is expanded in 28 thousand square meters

It is located in the village of Argirades in the South East of the island, close to Lefkimi

Only 1,8 km away from Agios Ioannis in Plagies which is the most beautiful sandy beach of the island

The property is in inclinational position, overlooking both the Adriatic and the Ionian sea, and surrounded by hundreds of olive trees

The superb view, the beautiful countryside and the size of the property make it the perfect spot to build an accommodation unit

3 Square Kilometres of the property are within city plan

The property holds permission for water supply for a Hotel Unit

It also comes across the Provincial road that joins the city of Kerkira with Lefkimi with double entrance

This sale represents a unique opportunity to develop the existing site! 

For information, please contact us:
+30 6955 466367, +30 211 1153710 


Kalo Dromo!

  • Evangelos Chatzipantelidis: guitar, composer
  • Dimitris Sakellaropoulos: drums
  • Stephanos Larentzakis: percussion
  • Dionisis Kritikos: piano, keyboards
  • Hrant Sargsyan: bass
  • Kiriakos Kontakos: uti
The song is recorded at Alpha studios, Petroupoli, Athens in 2002. It is dedicated to my teacher's mother who passed away. This is a wish, Kalo dromo in greek means have a nice and safe trip, so I was wishing her soul (and all people who are leaving this world) to have this kind of trip, quiet, safe and easy...

Kalo Dromo!

Δευτέρα, 28 Ιανουαρίου 2013

I Charamada

Pavlos and Eleni Maria
This song was recorded in 2001 in Athens. It's a home recording with a Sony minidisc. 
  • Evangelos Chatzipantelidis: guitar, composer
  • Stephanos Larentzakis: drums
  • Angelos Angelou: keyboard
  • Hrant Sargsyan: bass
  • Sappho Stavridou: vocals
  • Alekos Pantazopoulos: lyrics (he is resting peacefully...)
Charamada in greek means the slot...a very sentimental song, I remember Sappho when she first listened to my song and was trying to sing it, tears came through her eyes and I felt very sad and happy at the same time...
Thanks for listening!

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Kertsopoulos Aesthetics cd

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Alhabra 7FC

Flamenco classical guitar for sale, model 7FC, by Alhabra, modified with a pedal for the right hand by Yorgos Kertsopoulos
Alhabra 7FC  

Pedal Flamenco Classical

A rare 6-string instrument, handcrafted by Yorgos Kertsopoulos in Athens, Greece, in 2002. It has golpe and pedal for the right hand.
Just a great instrument. You may listen to this instrument recorded at Youtube and

Price: 35000€
Kertsopoulos Pedal Flamenco Classical Guitar

Hirade H-15

Classic guitar for sale, manufactured in 1999 in the classic department of Takamine, Japan.
It has a vey noble sound, 2 golpes for the right hand (by Yorgos Kertsopoulos).
Price: 4500€

Hirade H-15 


 Please Help with Pavlos' worktherapy expenses

My son, Pavlos, is 3 years old and doesn't speak or communicate with others. Since he is in treatment he gets better and better. But while I earn only 720 euros per month i need more than 500 euros to pay for the treatment. We are a four members family and we cannot afford this money every month, while Pavlos needs more and more treatment month after month. By your support Pavlos will have the opportunity to get cured until he is five years old. Of, course nobody can guarantee this fact but it worths to try for his healing. I, Pavlos' father need your help

My son Pavlos

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